Plans or drawings are an essential part of construction as they guide us accordingly in terms of purchasing the right materials and applying workmanship. They give us a visual idea of how any structure is going to look like when complete. Whether working on residential, commercial or industrial projects, the first important thing any project owner or manager should get are the plan designs.

Now when working towards acquiring one, you need to get something foretelling, attractive, inspiring and desirable. The plan drawings that you get precisely describe the type of a home your are going to end up living in with your family. Custom and perfect designs are exactly what ZBMS Architects offer you under the architectural drawing department. Designs that portray everything essential to you, from the set up of your lounge, kitchen, dining, sitting room and bedrooms to the toilets and garages.

You need not to guess how the structure will look like, a design and drawing should give a clear view of the end product. ZBMS Architects offer you these services in a modern way. We have 3d and 2d  plan models for houses, schools and other industrial buildings. Our works speak for themselves, before your project is complete, we give clear highlights of the final product. We are moving side by side with the pace of technology. However we are not limited to architectural only, we extend further on to structural, steel schedules and other engineering drawings.


Main house, double storey cottage, staff quarter, temporary plans etc

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Nursery, ECD, Crèche, Primary, Secondary, High, Colleges, Universities, Libraries etc

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Offices, Shopping mall, Warehouses, Hotel, Pharmacy etc

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Church, Synagogue, Temple, Mosque etc

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Breweries, factories, power plants, mills, refineries, water towers etc

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Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes, Doctors offices, Quarantine etc

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We have high, medium and low density home plans as well as cottages. From open plans for low budget and costly ones. Most of the modern styling caters for aluminum door and window frames. We are open and here to help you build that dream house. If you have rough sketches of the nice future home, you are most welcome to provide them and with our expertise, we will furnish them to a perfect product. If its an existing family home you want to renovate, remodel or start afresh, we assist with the best world class architectural approach.

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Other services available from us include construction projects management and building materials supplies.