Our face bricks are made of good earth clay, table mould and uniform in shape. They are thoroughly burnt in kilns and some in temperature controlled rooms.  The clay in  use for facing brick is about 90% free from saline deposits. Their surfaces and edges of are sharp, square, smooth and straight. They comply with all the qualities of a good brick. They are usually for important work of permanent nature. Buy yours from us at the lowest prices today.

In terms of resistance they do not absorb much water even when immersed, they maintain their shape and weight. They rank among the most costly building materials for construction use due to their quality and strength. Some are perforated and some are not depending on type of the face brick. They are actually the best as compared to others in terms of strength and quality, moreover they do not require any plastering. You save big on plastering if you use these decorative face bricks for exterior walls on the whole of the building structure when compared to using other popular engineering products we have for sale.

Under our online shop catalogue you also find makoro and corobrick from joburg and botswana as well as local products including rustic, wire brush/cut blue black, red, dark and plum types of face bricks with different costs per each.

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